Artist: Tim Ismag
Other Artists: Tha New Team
Label:Ultragore Recordings
Genre: Dance, Dubstep
Release Date:September 24th, 2012
Tim Ismag

Tim Ismag - Producer, DJ. Dubstep.

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Ultragore Recordings

What do you get when you throw two of dubstep’s heaviest hitters into a room with no lights, heavy stacks, and a key to the devil’s workshop?  You get Ultragore Recordings.

Sluggo, reigning champion of all things murderous, has teamed up with industry vet Lank to create a new imprint to showcase the most cutting edge tunes on the harder side of dubstep.  With a taste for the macabre and a who’s who of elite players on board for the ride (including upcoming releases from Liquid Stranger, MC Messianian, Kirkus, Bare, and others), Ultragore’s...       read more

Released September 24th, 2012
Music | Dubstep | Tim Ismag

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