Artist: Torrent Vaccine
Other Artists: Deadliner, Deconbrio, Mangadrive, Synnack, Testube, DJ Moon
Label:Bit Riot Records
Genre: Industrial, Experimental, Electronic, Electro-Industrial, Remixes
Release Date:May 4th, 2010
Torrent Vaccine

Torrent Vaccine is an electronic solo operation out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brought to life by Brad Vaccine after moving there in 1998. Growing up in rural Louisiana, Brad was continuously searching for ways to pass the time. This eventually led to an interest in music and writing his own was a natural progression. While searching for new forms of expression he was introduced to industrial music. Never having heard anything like this, it quickly became a part of his personality. This new acquaintance convinced Brad to begin his exploration into electronic sound...       read more

Bit Riot Records

Artist owned, artist run, artist driven. These are the three tenets of Bit Riot Records, established in 2006 by Eric Dusik and Tonya Leigh. Though initially envisioned as only an Imprint for Eric's solo work, the label quickly grew into a full service sub label of WTII.

We hope to restore not only the valuable relationship between artist and label, but the trust that seems to be lost in the industry all together. This label is not about being elitist; nor is it about being detached from the world. Our goal is to build a community that will give bands and fans a new...       read more

Released May 4th, 2010
Music | Industrial | Torrent Vaccine

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About This Release:

Torrent Vaccine presents Focus, an EP of remixes, mashups, and extended mixes of tracks from the full length album Tentative Response. Contributors include Deconbrio, Mangadrive, Synnack, and DJ Moon, along with the winners of Torrent Vaccine's fan remix contest.

“I’m a huge fan of album singles, remixes, and EP’s.” Brad Vaccine explains his upcoming release in more detail, “Focus, in a way, is a kick back to singles of the mid 90s. It’s a combination of Extended mixes, Mashups, and some badass Remixes. Focus and rEmiXUDE are both extensions of Tentative Response and now it is truly complete. Enjoy.”

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