Artist: Varien
Label:Subterra Records
Genre: Film/TV/Games, Experimental, Electronic, Dubstep
Release Date:February 26th, 2013

With a genuine love of combining unconventional instruments in a conventional setting, it is no wonder that Varien (Nick Pittsinger, 22) has everyone talking about him. His work has garnered the attention of many, landing a spot on Skrillex's Bangerang EP and getting tens of millions of YouTube views with his originals.

His musical style is a blend of the traditional and the new-school, the organic and the electronic. With a focus on cinematic atmospheres, memorable melodies, and unique instrumentation, Varien draws the listener in and immerses them into another...       read more

Subterra Records

Something's coming...

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Pick Your Poison Vol. 01
Released February 26th, 2013
Music | Electronic | Varien

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About This Release:

How will you choose to die? Presented here are the auditory essences of ten macabre ends. Select one, listen to it, let the sound construct a death scene in your mind. Pick your poison. With this first volume of instrumental soundtrack material, Varien has woven together a tense, sweat-inducing cinematic experience out of bass music, oppressive atmospherics, and orchestral elements. Having racked up multiple Beatport chart positions, a slot on Skrillex's Bangarang EP, and high-profile remixes of Gareth Emery and Celldweller in his young career, Varien wields a talent that promises to intoxicate film, television, and game screens just as effectively as it has infiltrated clubs and dance floors.

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