Artist: Eric Evasion
Label:Subterra Records
Genre: Electronic, Dubstep
Release Date:February 26th, 2013
Eric Evasion

Eric Evasion is a unique breed of DJ. In an industry over saturated with fairweather supporters and bandwagon capitalists, Eric's longstanding commitment and relentless efforts to build and maintain the Mid-West EDM scene have earned him the respect and admiration most DJ’s only dream about throughout his community.

Eric immersed himself in the EDM scene of the late ninety's and never looked back. He landed his first gig in 2002 in Cleveland. His passion grew exponentially along with his popularity, and when it seemed the majority of the scene had died off, Eric...       read more

Subterra Records

Something's coming...

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Drama (Single)
Released February 26th, 2013
Music | Dubstep | Eric Evasion

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About This Release:

Eric Evasion is back with his second original single, following up last year's slow-simmer whomper "BOOM". The Cleveland DJ brings years of experience on the club circuit to bear on "Drama", whose sinister synth lines and orchestral stabs warn of explosive tension around every corner. Join the fray.

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