Artist: The Distillery
Label:Position Music
Genre: World, Film/TV/Games, Breakbeat, Alternative
Release Date:March 30th, 2010
The Distillery

The Distillery produces, composes, and licenses music and sound for television, film, and advertising. In addition to original music, we also offer audio post services. Heard throughout the media world on big-budget film trailers and Emmy-award winning TV series, Carl Barc and Pawel Sek are sought after for adding a fresh sound to enhance your experience.

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Position Music

Position Music is an independent company that primarily focuses on Music Publishing and Artist/Label Representation for Film/TV licensing. We are about developing, supporting and partnering with great artists and producers.

Having built relationships within the Film/TV community for nearly 10 years (well before licensing became the conversation it is today), Position Music has had thousands of plac...ements in Films, TV, Video Games, Trailers, Commercials and Soundtracks.

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Position Music - Production Music Series Vol. 46 - Global Renditions
Released March 30th, 2010
Music | Electronic | The Distillery

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About This Release:

MP3 Album: $7.99
MP3 Tracks: $.99/each

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