Artist: TweakerRay
Other Artists: Blue Stahli, BulletProof Messenger, Celldweller, Enduser, Voicians
Label:FiXT Remix
Genre: Industrial Rock, Electronic Rock, Electronic
Release Date:November 20th, 2012

TweakerRay is a German producer and remix artist.

In 1999 he formed, together with his friend H. GUNAWAN, his first produced music project called SPITE. Since then he has worked under the name 'TweakerRay' and produced several remixes for bands like KiEw, Pzychobitch, Alpha 11, Soulchasm, Jubilee* and many more.

In 2004 TweakerRay composed and produced the album 'Future Noir' for Hanin Elias (Ex-Atari-Teenage Riot). TweakerRay composed several Tracks for the band ABiCA, which were released in 2009. His first own EP The Collector Chapter 01...       read more

FiXT Remix Compilation
Released November 20th, 2012
Music | Electronic Rock | TweakerRay

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About This Release:

This Album is a collection of remixes which TweakerRay created at FiXT Remix. It includes 1st place winning remixes of Celldweller: So Long Sentiment (Melancholic Movie Remix by TweakerRay) and Blue Stahli: Corner (Lost Sitar Remix V3 by TweakerRay) as well as some other goodies.

TweakerRay started remixing Celldweller in 2009 and gained attention with his "Louder Than Words" Remix. This was just the beginning of his remix career at FiXT Remix, which also later would lead to his first EP The Collector (Chapter 01).

FiXT Remix was a unique place, a home for beginners and experienced remixers & producers, who shared tricks and remixed awesome artists. This compilation is a tribute to this great remix community which formed a lot of fantastic independent artists. The Celldweller (Digital Prism Mix) of "The Lucky One" is just one example of an amazing collaboration where Binary Audio joined forces with TweakerRay to create an firework of remixart. Experience: "Take it. Break it. Remake it" at another level...

In 2012 FiXT ReMix unfortunately was closed and TweakerRay deceided to share his legacy of remixes on this compilation.

We hope you will enjoy this remixes as much as TweakerRay enjoyed making them...

(Artwork by Fotonixe)

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