Artist: Seven Lions
Other Artists: Fiora, Birds of Paradise
Genre: Dance, Dubstep
Release Date:October 16th, 2012
Seven Lions

Seven Lions is quickly taking the dance world hostage with his deep, soulful, hybridized creations – at times elegant, at others pulverizing – all distinctly his own. Seven Lions’ Polarize EP, one of the most promising releases of the last year in the EDM world, just dropped in April and has already garnered praise for its melding of main room bombast with a very sensitive, human touch.

For Seven Lions (neé Jeff Montalvo) ‘fast’ is an understatement for how his work has spread virally amongst fans of trance, dubstep, and...       read more


OWSLA is the new label from American dubstep producer and DJ Skrillex. The term "owsla" comes from a favorite story of his - Watership Down, the classic fantasy novel by Richard Adams' that follows the efforts of a small group of rabbits to avoid the grasp of an elite rabbit army called Owsla.

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Seven Lions - EP
Released October 16th, 2012
Music | Dubstep | Seven Lions

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