Artist: Interface
Other Artists: Alter Der Ruine, Cervello Elettronico, Level 2.0, Sebastian Komor, Aesthetic Perfection
Label:Nilaihah Records
Genre: Futurepop, EBM
Release Date:February 16th, 2010
Nilaihah Records

Since 2000, Nilaihah Records has been at the forefront of Electronic music. With Kristy Venrick at the helm, the small but mighty operation has grown above and beyond what anyone would have anticipated.

Nilaihah Records has climbed to the top of the Electronic Dance, Industrial, and Synthpop genres in its short existence. "We emerged to believe in those who believe in themselves," states Kristy Venrick, owner and founder of Nilaihah Records.

Phonetics: nil-EYE-ah

As a female-owned business, Nilaihah Records has stamped out its...       read more

Body Flow
Released February 16th, 2010
Music | Futurepop | Interface

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About This Release:

New York’s Interface combines elements of darker EBM, trance, and industrial, all with a melodic, emotional edge. Body Flow is the third and final single from Interface’s best-selling album Visions of Modern Life. This 8-track EP focusing around the track "Body Flow" and features exclusive remixes by Aesthetic Perfection, Sebastian Komor, Alter Der Ruine, and more.

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