Artist: MiXE1
Label:Independently Released
Genre: Electronic Rock, Electronic, Alternative
Release Date:June 16th, 2012

MiXE1 (pronounced: Mikes 1) is an electronic rock band from the UK boasting a wide range of influences from pop through to metal. Passionate vocals, hooky melodies and synth layered backdrops make up the distinctive sound with a unique concept - all the songs are loosely set within a semi-futuristic city of the same name. Neon dreams and haunting emotions. This is MiXE1.

During 2010 the band started as a solo project by songwriter Mike Evans (at the time, guitarist of alt-metal band Broken Butterfly X). Mike began experimenting with electronics and laying down vocals himself...       read more

Module 02
Released June 16th, 2012
Music | Electronic Rock | MiXE1

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