Artist: Counterfeit I
Label:Bit Riot Records
Genre: Metal, Industrial Rock, Industrial, Experimental, Electronic
Release Date:March 27th, 2012
Bit Riot Records

Artist owned, artist run, artist driven. These are the three tenets of Bit Riot Records, established in 2006 by Eric Dusik and Tonya Leigh. Though initially envisioned as only an Imprint for Eric's solo work, the label quickly grew into a full service sub label of WTII.

We hope to restore not only the valuable relationship between artist and label, but the trust that seems to be lost in the industry all together. This label is not about being elitist; nor is it about being detached from the world. Our goal is to build a community that will give bands and fans a new...       read more

A Glimpse, an Eclipse
Released March 27th, 2012
Music | Industrial Rock | Counterfeit I

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About This Release:

A glimpse, an eclipse was recorded and produced throughout 2011. Counterfeit i has again delivered a true work of art that all fans of honest music can appreciate. However, it is much heavier than its predecessors, as made evident by the first track "®this". With its dynamic journey leading from sound design to pounding rhythms and abrasive guitars, "®this" is a great opener for the collection of songs that is a glimpse, an eclipse. Barring two songs, a glimpse, an eclipse is a 10 track album of individual songs that share no concept except offering a passionate glimpse into mysteries of the human condition and happenings in modern society.

Now is your chance to get a physical copy of Counterfeit i's breakout album A Glimpse, an Eclipse. This disc comes packaged in a hand crafted and painted slip cover custom made by Derek Allen of Counterfeit i. Each slip cover is 100% unique and hand numbered! This is such a small and limited run that we only have 20 of the 50 copies ever made to sell. Due to the exceedingly rare nature of this release, this disc is pressed on high quality CDR with full on disc printing.

custom A Glimpse, An Eclipse CDs

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