Artist: Tyrone Wells
Label:Position Music
Genre: Alternative, Adult Contemporary
Release Date:March 6th, 2012
Tyrone Wells

The recording of This Love found Tyrone Wells in the studio on and off throughout most of 2012. Tyrone teamed up again with producer, Michael "Smidi" Smith. Smidi produced nearly half of Tyrone's sophomore major label release (Universal) entitled,Remain, as well as being responsible for 7 of the 8 songs on Tyrone's acoustic EP Metal & Wood. About This Love Tyrone says, "I did my best to make a mostly acoustic record. I always find myself listening to acoustic music, so I did my best to build the record around the...       read more

Position Music

Position Music is an independent company that primarily focuses on Music Publishing and Artist/Label Representation for Film/TV licensing. We are about developing, supporting and partnering with great artists and producers.

Having built relationships within the Film/TV community for nearly 10 years (well before licensing became the conversation it is today), Position Music has had thousands of plac...ements in Films, TV, Video Games, Trailers, Commercials and Soundtracks.

In a time...       read more

Where We Meet
Released March 6th, 2012
Music | Alternative | Tyrone Wells

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About This Release:

Where We Meet has captured both the charm of Tyrone Wells wistful serenades and the weight and yearning of an artist who continues to grow. Spending the greater part of 2011 bouncing between Los Angeles and Nashville, Tyrone Wells was able to take the time to write tirelessly until he knew that he finally had the album he wanted. From sweeping productions to paired down, sparse tunes, Where We Meet carefully navigates a sonic landscape that is powerfully rich yet intimate and honest.

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