Artist: Voicians
Other Artists: Martin Harp
Label:Independently Released
Genre: Hybrid, Electronic Rock, Electronic
Release Date:October 1st, 2011

The term “hybrid” best categorizes the music of Dan Voicians, a young producer from Stuttgart in the south of Germany. Listeners can expect a full-on sonic assault through an eclectic mix of musical styles. From rock to drum-and-bass to piano/orchestral and electronic elements – this cross-genre bullet ride IS the sound and identity of Voicians. Voicians’ musical accomplishments proceed him, including his remixes of well-known artists such as Celldweller, I:Scintilla, Sybreed, and Komor Kommando...       read more

Birthright feat. Martin Harp
Released October 1st, 2011
Music | Electronic Rock | Voicians

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About This Release:

Continuing a tradition that began with a cover of Celldweller's "Goodbye" in 2009, Voicians and Martin Harp once again team up to throw down with a Celldweller original - this time with "Birthright", the iconic track that opened the doors to Celldweller's Wish Upon A Blackstar era.

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