Artist: Ad Inferna
Label:Nilaihah Records
Genre: Industrial, EBM, Dark Electro
Release Date:April 26th, 2011
Ad Inferna

AD INFERNA is a french band that consists of the members VoA VoXyD, V.V. Arkames, & V.N.A. The debut album L’Empire des Sens was released in 2002 and they’re back in 2009 with the acclaimed album Trance:N:Dance, featuring a total of 12 tracks including remixes from bands such as Reaper, Soman, Combichrist and Beborn Beton (recorded at Anorexia Nervosa Studio by Xort). The style of their second album Trance:N:Dance is somewhat a combination of different styles like electro, industrial, metal and gothic featuring vocals in both English and...       read more

Nilaihah Records

Since 2000, Nilaihah Records has been at the forefront of Electronic music. With Kristy Venrick at the helm, the small but mighty operation has grown above and beyond what anyone would have anticipated.

Nilaihah Records has climbed to the top of the Electronic Dance, Industrial, and Synthpop genres in its short existence. "We emerged to believe in those who believe in themselves," states Kristy Venrick, owner and founder of Nilaihah Records.

Phonetics: nil-EYE-ah

As a female-owned business, Nilaihah Records has stamped out its...       read more

There Is No Cure
Released April 26th, 2011
Music | Dark Electro | Ad Inferna

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About This Release:

With plenty of positive response following their release of DSM on Nilaihah Records, Ad Inferna has moved quickly to their next album, There Is No Cure. This 2011 release departs from DSM and leads us into an album with a much darker and more club oriented feel. There is No Cure takes it's listeners through a different journey that incorporates their roots and also embraces the future. Features Kari Berg (formerly of Ashbury Heights) and Zombie Girl. The album was mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper) with the remixes being mastered by Sebastian Komor (Komor Kommando , Icon of Coil).

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