Artist: Celldweller
Other Artists: Animattronic, Deconbrio, Drev, Martin Harp, Neon Sky, The Luna Sequence, TweakerRay, Voicians, Ryle, Co3, Beyond Deep, Paul Udarov, Beyond The Epilogue, Maniac All-Stars, KATFYR, Benni Sines, Binary Audio, Guitro, Redrosid, DNA
Genre: Psy Trance, Metal, Industrial Rock, Electronic Rock, Electronic, Electro House, Drum & Bass
Release Date:April 5th, 2011

Celldweller creates a fusion of digital and organic textures: intricately designed soundscapes constructed from Drum & Bass, Electro and Modular Synths, woven together with aggressive Rock, Metal and Orchestral elements. Celldweller ignores genre boundaries and creates a pioneering vision of the future of electronic music. 

Klayton, the brainchild of Celldweller, is also an avid entrepreneur, owning and operating the forward thinking independent record label FiXT, serving a group of world-class electronic, alternative, and hybrid artists.

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FiXT, the brainchild of Klayton, the internationally-renowned artist/producer Celldweller, is a forward thinking independent record label serving a group of world-class electronic, alternative, and hybrid artists. FiXT is known for aggressively licensing its music for film, television, and video games. FiXT Artists have received over 1,000 Film/TV/Video game placements, as well as custom music for trailers and advertising.

Current Roster:
• Blue Stahli
• Celldweller
• I Will Never Be The Same
• Richy Nixread more

Louder Than Words Remixes
Released April 5th, 2011
Music | Electronic Rock | Celldweller

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About This Release:

After two successful series of remix competitions using songs from his debut 2003 album, it was at last time for Celldweller to pop the locks on the new songs for his sophomore album, Wish Upon A Blackstar. Louder Than Words Remixes is the first volume of the WUAB remixes and features killer D&B, Electro-rock, and Trance cuts by established FiXT Remix stars and newcomers alike: Ryle, The Luna Sequence, Neon Sky, Voicians, TweakerRay, Martin Harp and more.

Please note the CD edition contains only the original 14 top tracks, while the accompanying digital download also includes 22 bonus remixes.

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