Artist: TweakerRay
Label:Independently Released
Genre: Industrial Rock, Industrial, Electronic Rock, Electronic
Release Date:September 21st, 2010

TweakerRay is a German producer and remix artist.

In 1999 he formed, together with his friend H. GUNAWAN, his first produced music project called SPITE. Since then he has worked under the name 'TweakerRay' and produced several remixes for bands like KiEw, Pzychobitch, Alpha 11, Soulchasm, Jubilee* and many more.

In 2004 TweakerRay composed and produced the album 'Future Noir' for Hanin Elias (Ex-Atari-Teenage Riot). TweakerRay composed several Tracks for the band ABiCA, which were released in 2009. His first own EP The Collector Chapter 01...       read more

The Collector - Chapter 01 (Deluxe Edition)
Released September 21st, 2010
Music | Electronic Rock | TweakerRay

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About This Release:

You might know TweakerRay from the Fixt Remix community, where he has done several remixes of Celldweller, Blue Stahli, and Bulletproof Messenger. Or you might recognize him for some of his Nine Inch Nails remixes, which he has done for the NIN Remix community. This is TweakerRay's first release.

The Deluxe Edition includes demos and over twenty minutes of commentary by TweakerRay & a PDF booklet (Artwork by Vetter Itt). When you buy the Deluxe Version, send copy of your order-confirm email to Air@tweakerray.de. With that you will get access to some more goodies for FREE... watch http://www.facebook.com/tweakerray.de or http://www.tweakerray.de for updates.

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