Artist: Deconbrio
Label:FiXT Remix
Genre: Industrial, Electronic Rock, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Industrial Rock, Remixes
Release Date:August 24th, 2010

Deconbrio is making its presence known, and it will not go unnoticed. The official debut album Obsessions of a False Idol, which was independently released for free in 2008, lashes out on the stamp-and-go styles of today’s entertainment industry. The album is portrayed from multiple angles: the entertainment industry (”Let’s feed the world our bullshit and watch our profits soar”), the consumers (”We all react to what they’re bringing back”), and the voice of reason (”Wake up. You have been lied to. This is a...       read more

Deconbrio VS FiXT Remix
Released August 24th, 2010
Music | Alternative | Deconbrio

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About This Release:

Bit Riot recording artist Deconbrio is the latest to be put under on the FiXT Remix operating table, and ten remixes of his track "The Feeling Remains" have been extracted, ranging from morose ballads to gritty Drum & Bass/rock. Purchase the full album download and receive seven bonus instrumental versions of mixes!

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