Artist: Scandroid
Genre: New Retro, Electronic Rock, Dance
Release Date:December 13th, 2013

Red has scoured the depths of the ancient wasteland he calls home for something lost and buried - something revolutionary. What he unearthed was the New Retro sound of a forgotten era. Illuminated, he formed Scandroid to bring that sound into their world.

Based in an abandoned warehouse in Old Tokyo, surrounded by ancient technology and sound from the era of the 1980s. Beneath the shadow of the elite and unreachable Neo-Tokyo, he plans a revolution

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FiXT is an independent multimedia company founded and owned by Klayton of Celldweller. Based in Detroit, a city with a legendary history of Electronic music, FiXT started life in 2007 as a home-grown label on which Klayton released his own music. Seven years later, FiXT has expanded into an umbrella company with multiple divisions. Still at the core is the FiXT label, with an ever-growing roster of talented artists such as Celldweller, Blue Stahli, SeamlessR & Voicians.

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Datastream (Single)
Released December 13th, 2013
Music | New Retro | Scandroid

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About This Release:

Under the shadow of the elite and unreachable Neo-Tokyo, Red and Raven make their music. Together they are Scandroid. They have scoured the depths of their ancient city for something lost, something revolutionary. What they have unearthed is the New Retro sound of a forgotten era. With that sound, they seek deliverance from the shrouded wasteland of Old Tokyo that surrounds them. "Datastream", their second single, invokes a hope hidden in the digital ether.

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