Artist: MiXE1
Label:Independently Released
Genre: Electronic Rock, Alternative
Release Date:July 27th, 2013

MiXE1 (pronounced: Mikes 1) is an electronic rock band from the UK boasting a wide range of influences from pop through to metal. Passionate vocals, hooky melodies and synth layered backdrops make up the distinctive sound with a unique concept - all the songs are loosely set within a semi-futuristic city of the same name. Neon dreams and haunting emotions. This is MiXE1.

During 2010 the band started as a solo project by songwriter Mike Evans (at the time, guitarist of alt-metal band Broken Butterfly X). Mike began experimenting with electronics and laying down vocals himself...       read more

Lights Out
Released July 27th, 2013
Music | Electronic Rock | MiXE1

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About This Release:

UK Electronic-rock maestroes MiXE1 present Lights Out - their new EP full of hooky emotive vocals, heavy riffs and synth-laden soundscapes - this time featuring some new faces. Originally the solo project of singer/songwriter Mike Evans, the Lights Out EP marks MiXE1's first release as a band with new members Lee Towson on guitar and Lee O'Brien on the drum kit. From the blistering industrial rock of the title track to the epic, atmospheric "Find You" to the emotion of "Pulling You Back To My World", the EP paves the way for the full length debut album late this year.

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