Artist: Celldweller
Other Artists: Bare, Blue Stahli, Drivepilot, Josh Money, Toksin
Genre: Electronic Rock, Electro House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass
Release Date:June 25th, 2013

Celldweller – a hybrid fusion of aggressive electronic music combined with orchestral and rock influences. Klayton, the multi-instrumentalist artist, producer, songwriter, performer, programmer, and re-mixer, is the mastermind behind it all. Known worldwide for pioneering new sounds and methods for creating his tracks, Klayton continues to generate music that resonates and relates to both fans and the entertainment industry worldwide. His music has been heard by millions between internet play and his placements in film, T.V., and video games.

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FiXT is an independent multimedia company founded and owned by Klayton of Celldweller. Based in Detroit, a city with a legendary history of Electronic music, FiXT started life in 2007 as a home-grown label on which Klayton released his own music. Seven years later, FiXT has expanded into an umbrella company with multiple divisions. Still at the core is the FiXT label, with an ever-growing roster of talented artists such as Celldweller, Blue Stahli, SeamlessR & Voicians.

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The Complete Cellout Vol. 01 Instrumentals
Released June 25th, 2013
Music | Electronic Rock | Celldweller

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About This Release:

Over the past few years, the 'Celldweller Live 2.0' tour introduced fans to complete reworkings of many Celldweller songs both old and new. In addition, top notch producers such as Drivepilot, Bare, Toksin, and FiXT's own Blue Stahli and Josh Money put their own signatures on Celldweller tunes. Last year's release The Complete Cellout Vol. 01 collected eleven of these cutting edge revisions, and now you can get your hands on the instrumental versions of those mixes. [Note: the instrumental of J. Scott G. & Joman's remix of "The Best It's Gonna Get" was not available.] Here's what Klayton had to say about the original Complete Cellout Vol. 01 release:

"I'm excited to finally present "The Complete Cellout vol. 01". Most of the of the tracks on here that aren't remixes from other artists are versions of my songs I completely reworked from the ground up for the Celldweller 2010/2011 Live Show. I've put a ton of time into remixing and reproduction but I'm not the only one who put a lot of time and effort into making this disc into something you could bang your head or shake your booty to. Drivepilot, Bare, Blue Stahli, J Scott G, Joman, Josh Money & Toksin lent their skills and turned this disc from being "pretty good" to being "totally badass." Hope you enjoy it as much as we all enjoyed making it." [Klayton]

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