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Artist: Bit Riot Records
Location: Chicago, U.S.A.
Record Label


Breath And Decay
Left Spine Down
Torrent Vaccine

Electronic Rock, Industrial Metal, Electro, EBM, Glitch

(Original Releases)
BR6001 mindFluxFuneral
Teatro deRevelación LP (2007)
BR6002 Cyanotic
Transhuman 2.0 Lmtd. 2XCD (2007)
BR6003 Torrent Vaccine
Tentative Response LP (2008)
BR6004 Cyanotic
Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild V/A (2008)
BR6006 Left Spine Down
Fighting For Voltage LP (2008)
BR6007 Cyanotic
Prehab 25mg EP (2008)

Imageline Fruity Loops, Sytrus, Various free VSTs, GT Player Express

Home Computer, M-Audio Fast Track USB, EHX Little Big Muff, Boss DS-1, Marshall MS-4, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy, Creative Inspire T3100, Sennheiser HD 212Pro Headphones, Epiphone SG G-310, Ibanez V-72 ECE BK (Acoustic)

Tag Cloud:
Electronic, Rock, Industrial, Metal, Glitch, Breaks, EBM, Electro

Artist owned, artist run, artist driven. These are the three tenets of Bit Riot Records, established in 2006 by Eric Dusik and Tonya Leigh. Though initially envisioned as only an Imprint for Eric's solo work, the label quickly grew into a full service sub label of WTII.

It was at this point that we signed two of Chicago's finest electronic talents, Cyanotic and mindFluxFuneral. Their releases brought some of the most outstanding heavy electronic music to the masses in 2007.

Torrent Vaccine and cyberpunks Left Spine Down were added to the roster in 2008.

2009 has already proven to be no less exciting with the signing of Deconbrio.

We hope to restore not only the valuable relationship between artist and label, but the trust that seems to be lost in the industry all together. This label is not about being elitist; nor is it about being detached from the world. Our goal is to build a community that will give bands and fans a new confidence in record labels by simply allowing them to play a part and have their voices heard.

Bit Riot Records is currently headquartered on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois and plans to continue its expansion by signing more quality artists and releasing more amazing records.

Career Defining Moment:
Eric: When I decided to take the jump and translate my experience from the Digital Ad Agency world to the music industry by starting Bit Riot Records. There is a long road ahead of us but every time we sign a band or release an album it feels like a defining moment for us - there is always new and exciting ground to break!

Tonya: I have yet to define my career, honestly, but when I do…there will be no need to ask. ;)

Inspired by:
Tonya: As hard as I try I can't remember not being involved in music one way or another. I have always admired the work that goes into creating music and how it affects so many people, from band to fan and all those in between. I have toured, booked, managed, played, I live music, I love music, that's been all the inspiration I need thus far.

Currently Listening To:
Eric: All of the awesome artists on Bit Riot - We live our music. Otherwise, I have been digging the mainstream electronic rock scene with bands like Pendulum, Inner Party System, Mute Math and We Are Now Awake.

Tonya: Each day I get to my workstation and listen to the Bit Riot artist I am working that day. It's a good thing I love these bands and play a part in signing them, huh? Outside of our stuff, I have been finding Inner Party System on my player a lot, along with Pendulum, Placebo, Fun Club, Metro Station, and Femme Fatality.

Collaboration Wish List:
Eric: At Bit Riot we are always on the lookout for those artists who mash up the best parts of electronic and rock music in a way that can only be defined as BIT RIOT. BIT RIOT Bands are heavy yet accessible - electronic yet bigger than any genre defining boundary. This is the sort of artist we most want to work with.

Dream Project:
Tonya: This is pretty laughable, first thing that comes to mind, I would like to be a dancer on tour with Britney or JT, like just one time. Even more funny than that is I can't really dance.

Eric: I have always wanted to be involved in creating a really cool magazine. That, or you know, be a dancer and tour with Britney Spears.

Final Word:
Eric: I would just like to ask your readers to continue supporting the electronic rock movement. Labels like Bit Riot and Fixt are fighting uphill for innovative music and we need all the support we can get!

Available from FiXT:

mindFluxFuneral - Teatro deRevelacion
(MP3 Album)

Cyanotic - Transhuman 2.0
(MP3 Album)

Torrent Vaccine - Tentative Response
(MP3 Album)

Left Spine Down - Fighting For Voltage
(MP3 Album)

Cyanotic - Prehab 25mg EP
(MP3 Album)


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