About Yoto:

“A Revolutionary Transmedia Entertainment Experience”

When a mythical dagger is plunged into his chest, Yoto is transformed from a meek member of an enslaved society into a beast fit for the gods. Will he use his power to free his people ... or annihilate them?

Download the Free 3D Comic App featuring music by Celldweller!

The Bane of Yoto is ...

- An award-winning novel (Paperback and eBook)

- A 3D Comic App series developed by Leviathan Games and featuring Celldweller and Marvel/DC comic book artists Tyler Kirkham, Nick Runge and Steve Scott

- An Audiobook featuring Celldweller

- Merch including sculptures, PS3 Themes, tshirts, posters and more!

All Yoto material written, created and directed by Joshua Viola.

Free Sample Download - Read Chapters 1-14!

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