XXX Car Ride
Label:Independently Released
Genre:Electronic Rock
XXX Car Ride
About XXX Car Ride:

It won't take long for listeners of XXX Car Ride's studio album to know how hard and uniquely London Rozen works! This reckless rockstar has devoted his life to creating a glorious variety pack of Industrial Rock, all for your enjoyment. So put down those antidepressants and forget the bull that MTV is feeding you because its time to enjoy this Industrial adrenaline rush.

London Rozen (Artist, producer, Songwriter, Programmer) formed the Detroit based band in 2007 after his separation as guitarist/ songwriter of his previous nationally toured act.

Word spread quickly and London found himself overwhelmed with requests to be seen live. Presently the band and alike fans eagerly await the release of XXX Car Ride's Full Length Album, which is set for 2010.

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