Label:Independently Released
Genre:Electronic Rock
About MiXE1:

MiXE1 (pronounced: Mikes 1) is an electronic rock band from the UK boasting a wide range of influences from pop through to metal. Passionate vocals, hooky melodies and synth layered backdrops make up the distinctive sound with a unique concept - all the songs are loosely set within a semi-futuristic city of the same name. Neon dreams and haunting emotions. This is MiXE1.

During 2010 the band started as a solo project by songwriter Mike Evans (at the time, guitarist of alt-metal band Broken Butterfly X). Mike began experimenting with electronics and laying down vocals himself resulting in the debut EP Module 01 which featured one of the band's most successful tracks - the emotional and trance-inspired "Breathe".

This led to the signing with UK label, Static Distortion Records, becoming one of the first bands on the roster. Subsequently, the sophomore EP Module 02 which was released in Summer 2012. The EP told a very personal story, each song representing a chapter relating to some big events in Mike's personal life around that time. 'Module 02' produced the standout song (and video) "This Is Not Goodbye" - once again showcasing passionate vocals, addictive synth hooks and a new aggressive element.

In late 2012, the band switched from solo endeavour to full on band. Lee Towson joined on guitar, bringing his unique style and take to the strings. No stranger to MiXE1, Lee had already appeared in the music video for "This Is Not Goodbye" and also produced the lyric video "A Spark In The Air" (a song released for free to celebrate signing to the label). Lee O'Brien (formerly of Indie-Rock band Load) joined the mix on drums - adding a fresh energy, technique and dynamics to the rhythm section. Finally Marcos Farias joined as the live bassist - rumbling the stage at the live shows.

With the first music as a band released summer 2013 (the EP Lights Out) and the full length debut album Starlit Skin looking at release later in the year, MiXE1 show no signs of slowing down.

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